About Me 

My full is actually Olivia Rya Kaged but I have never used Olivia. Its so formal. No, I have always been known as Liv, sometimes I don't even answer to Olivia because its just so alien to me. I'm seventeen years old, almost eighteen. I'll be eighteen on the 2nd Apirl. 

The main purpose of creating this website was so my loyal readrs can reach me and that my name will be out there for that dream day when my works finally become published in a novel. 

So of my themes are a little dark, I tend to write a lot about child abuse, rape, murder and other violent themes so readers should always be cautious before reading anything I write. I do this because the more we see these things as violent and unpleasent the more we are on the lookout and can prevent it. In today's media rape has become something that has been seen as okay and often even the police blame the victim. In my work rape is done in the most horrfic crimes and always seen as so. I don't want rape to be seen as a fashion statement anymore. I think that's why child abuse, especially in infants plays such a big part in my work. I make it impossible for the unthinkable not to be thought about. The events in my work causes people to think, this means people will keep their eyes open and can help prevent a child from being abused and stop the abuse. People shut out what they don't want to see psychologically, if your thinking about these events you can't shut them out.